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We think in plastic and rubber

We think in synthetic materials like plastic and rubber - versatile products that allow us to provide solutions for your problem. With our expertise in the field of thermoforming we are able to produce any shape using plastic foam. We use our experience in the field of acoustic insulation to face every acoustic challenge with our products that surpass the standards.

SIREXSIREX® is our brand name – a name that stands for the very best quality in plastic products: camping mats, therapy mats, fitness mats, personal protective equipment, underlays, swimming pool covers and acoustic insulation.

For the development of products for example we work together with the end users. Our underlays and products for acoustic insulation are developed for you in close collaboration with building contractors, engineers and architects. The focus is passive construction and sustainable renovation. Our raw materials are sourced from leading Dutch and European manufacturers only.

For sourcing the best raw materials we work in close collaboration with our partners when compiling our product range, taking into account the consequences of our choices on man and the environment. For example, we incorporate recyclable plastics and rubbers into our products. Our products are produced in clean European factories under excellent working conditions and our supply lines are short.

We are a company of the Imbema Group.

Structure of our company

Imbema is like Newton's Cradle. We translate demand from our customer into action towards manufacturer.

The Imbema Group consists of new-style independent technical trading companies, each with its own area of knowledge and associated range of products and services which vary from valves for use in pipeline networks, to bumpers for trucks and trailers.

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Our employees

Our employees have been trained in a wide range of fields and are equipped with the knowledge needed to be able to answer your questions. Our product specialists have been trained by our partners so that they know precisely which applications our products are suitable for and how to solve certain problems. Retraining is provided as a matter of course. We would be pleased to introduce them to you.our employees

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