Our employees

Our colleagues in the Imbema group companies can be found throughout the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Indonesia. Our staff have a broad education and possess the right knowledge so that they can answer your questions. Our product specialists are trained by our partners and therefore know precisely the applications for which our products are suitable and what problems can be resolved. In-service training is a regular occurrence. We welcome the opportunity of introducing our staff of Imbema SMT to you.

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Jeroen Dechering
Imbema SMT (NL)
Thea Willemse
Imbema SMT (NL)
Jamie de Boer
Imbema SMT (NL)
Sales Manager Benelux
Albert Jansen
Imbema SMT (NL)
Business Development Manager
Hans Bogers
Imbema SMT (NL)
Product Manager / Sales Engineer
Monique Bas
Imbema SMT (NL)
Sales Engineer
Marja Thorborg
Imbema SMT (NL)
Purchasing/Sales Administration
Christel Mensink
Imbema SMT (NL)
Product Engineer
Remy Hammett
Imbema SMT (NL)
Material Planner
Andreas Scherer
Imbema SMT (D)
Sales Manager
Carola Struck
Imbema SMT (D)
Sales Support
Joost Schiermann
Imbema SMT (NL)
Michael Jochemsz
Imbema SMT (NL)
Ellen Marchand
Imbema SMT (NL)
Product Engineer / Sales Support

Surely Imbema!

  • Extensive product range
  • Top quality products
  • Innovative
  • Market-oriented
  • Reliable
  • Family-owned business

More knowledge by sharing knowledge

Sharing knowledge increases knowledge. That is why we regularly organize free events such as seminars and trainings for our business relations to exchange knowledge about our areas of expertise. Our specialists also share their knowledge with fellow professionals at large and small trade shows alike.

our events

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