At home in many markets

We serve a wide range of customers, from the construction sector to industry and from sport and leisure to the medical sector. This has resulted in wide product range that is used in these markets. Click on a market for more information and to view a selection of our full product range.

Automotive industry


These days the car has almost become a mobile communications centre and that’s the reason why consumers are setting increasingly higher requirements for the noise level within the car.


Bouw en installatie

Sealing expansion joints, acoustic and thermal insulation and separation of prefabricated elements, floors, walls and stairs to name but a few.

Fitness and Orthopaedics


Plastic foam products used for resolving problems relating to wear comfort and weight by using what are known as soft shells.

Machine and equipment building

Machinebouw en apparatenbouw

Solutions for reliable and sustainable noise insulation protect employees form hearing damage.

Personal protection

Persoonlijke bescherming

Plastic foam products are ideally suited for personal protective equipment.

Shipbuilding and luxury yacht building


The challenge for shipbuilders is ensuring optimum acoustic insulation during the fit-out stage.

Sport and Leisure

From camping to outdoor sports, and from fitness to yoga, increasingly higher requirements are being set with regard to comfort, weight and lifespan of materials.

Packing industry


In addition to protecting a product, packaging also plays an important role when it comes to marketing. We have solutions for this market.

Our projects

Imbema projects

If you’re interested to discover how customers use our products in their projects please take a look at the project overviews.


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