Projects and practical cases

High-profile projects in which our products have been used

Our products often form part of the solution to a specific problem. We have gathered information about and describe on this page the way in which our customers have used these products, and perhaps you’ll find the solution to your problem amongst these!

Acoustic insulation for apartments above a supermarket

Project Plus Verbeeten in Overloon met Grie Line G8
Noise from shopping trolleys can be an annoyance for residents in apartments above or adjacent to supermarkets.

Acoustic insulation in group practice

Project Groepspraktijk Huizen Grei Line G8
Despite limited installation depth, consulting rooms still have sufficient acoustic insulation to guarantee patient privacy.

Acoustic insulation for Wapen van Breskens apartment complex

Wapen van Breskens project akoestische isolatie Isolgomma Roll R7
Wapen van Breskens is a former hotel in the Zeeland fishing village of Breskens. At the same location an eponymous complex of 22 luxury apartments has been built.

Acoustic insulation problem in bathrooms Art'Otel solved

Project Art'Otel Grei Line G8
During the renovation of the Art’Otel a problem concerning annoying contact noise from the bathrooms was encountered. We offered a sustainable solution for this, without raising the floor too much.

Soundproofing for wooden floors in luxury Beethovenstraat apartments in Amsterdam

Akoestische isolatie houten vloer Beethovenstraat 4 Amsterdam
The floors then had to be acoustically insulated in such a way that the nuisance caused by impact sound would no longer be a problem. But the extra height of the floors meant that there was little room left for insulating material.

C1000 becomes Jumbo in part thanks to Sylcer acoustic insulation

Project C1000 naar Jumbo in Arnhem met Sylcer Line
The C1000 premises at the Roosendaalseweg in Arnhem had to be provided with additional sound insulation in order to comply with Jumbo’s noise requirements.

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