Acoustic insulation for apartments above a supermarket

Preventing noise nuisance by using acoustic insulation

Noise nuisance in apartments mainly seems to enter the apartment via the ceiling. However, living above the source of nuisance is not a guarantee for a quiet life either. Sound can specifically move upwards to apartments above via the floor and the walls. In the case of a supermarket with apartments above it this means noise from shopping trolleys and replenishment trolleys, for example.

When new supermarkets are being built the acoustic insulation of the floor is a challenge. For example, the insulation also has to be suitable to withstand the load on the supermarket floor. This challenge arose when new apartments were being built with the Plus Verbeeten supermarket below them in the Brabant town of Overloon in The Netherlands.

The specification specifically stipulated a conventional floating screed floor. Loos Betonvloeren Obdam B.V. wanted to offer an alternative that was just as good as the specified floor – preferably a combination that would allow the floor to be completed more quickly.

As a result of previous contacts, our specialists were called in to come up with a solution. After studying the situations and various reports, they recommended a combined construction of EPS and our Isolgomma Grei Line G8. An important aspect was the requirement of Ico +30 dB in flanking-path sound to the apartments above the supermarket, in addition to the load on the supermarket floor. By means of performance reports we were able to demonstrate that both requirements were met. A measurement was also conducted in order to establish that the requirement was met. The floor was ultimately measured at Ico >+ 30 dB, well within the requirement. The measurements were carried out by the engineers from M+P in Aalsmeer.

Plus Verbeeten opened its doors to the public in November 2013.

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