Acoustic insulation for new Jumbo supermarket

No noise nuisance from shopping trolleys for apartment residents

Jumbo Nederland has built a new supermarket in the Ursulapolder at Vathorst Amersfoort. Because the noise from shopping trolleys and replenishment trolleys can be a source of annoyance for people living in apartments above supermarkets a solution had to be found for acoustically insulating the floor of the supermarket. Unimar Tegelwerken from Bodegraven, which was responsible for the tiled floor, contacted the specialists at Imbema Kunststofchemie for advice.

The existing structural floor, laid by Unimar Tegelwerken, still had to be levelled using 40mm of sand-cement. The drying time was 1 day, after which the acoustic insulation had to be fitted. In addition to the requirements for noise reduction and limited installation depth, the insulation material also had to be able to withstand the moisture from the wet floor. Our specialists offered Sylcer insulation from Isolgomma as the solution. This insulation material, which is just 3 mm thick, is easy and quick to fit and is a sustainable solution made from recycled SBR and EPDM rubber.

Unimar decided to install a reinforcement mesh in the 40 mm thick sand-cement floor in order to absorb shrinkage / expansion in the screed floor. The tiles will be laid directly on the grout on this screed floor. The floor construction is as follows:

New floor construction:
• 12 mm Tiles
• 40mm sand-cement/mortar
• Isolgomma Sylcer 3mm
• 40mm sand-cement

Structural floor:
• 70mm concrete
• 80mm wide-slab floor

Project Jumbo Vathorst Amersfoort met Sylcer 3 mm
The new Jumbo in the Vathorst shopping centre opened its doors in December 2013.

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