Laying floors using the Sylwood sub-floor is easier than doing a jigsaw

16-09-2013 Imbema SMT (NL)

Sylwood tegels

Laying a floor is a tricky job for a DIYer. It starts with the sub-floor, because if that’s not right, everything that follows will be wrong. However, we have a solution that makes laying a sub-floor just as enjoyable as doing a jigsaw.

Our Sylwood sub-floor has been specially developed for wooden, parquet and laminate floors and has a high acoustic insulation value. Annoying contact noises from things like clacking heals and rolling toys are eliminated and become a thing of the past.

We have developed a special design to make it easy for DIYers to lay Sylwood themselves. We have produced handy 50x50cm "jigsaw pieces" that always fit together. They come in boxed packs of 24, which is sufficient to cover an area of 6m2. The PVC adhesive strips make it easy to lay tiles on top of an existing floor.

Sylwood is made from recycled rubber and cork and is a sustainable product that allows you to do something good for the environment.

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