Being able to overhear at doctor's surgery bad for patient privacy

11-04-2016 Imbema SMT (NL)

Spreekkamer dokter

You've probably experienced it yourself while sitting in the waiting room at your local doctor's surgery: being able to hear conversations between the doctor, assistant and patient quite clearly. A survey of more than 6600 members recently carried out by the Consumer Association showed that patients have very little privacy when they see their GP. Our specialist in acoustic insulation, Jamie de Boer, identifies the problems and explains them.

Putting up partition walls still no guarantee

Doctor's surgeries are often designed without patient privacy in mind. Consequently, the reception desk will often be next to the waiting room or even in the same room. Rooms can be physically separated from each other by making a structural alteration such as installing a partition wall. But that does not guarantee that the solution will be soundproof.

The problem: using the right insulation material

Gezondheidscentrum Saendelft akoestische isolatie spreekkamersThe problem lies in the insulation material used in the partition wall. In older surgeries, there may not even be any. In new and refurbished doctor's surgeries, it is found that soundproofing was not taken into account when choosing the insulation material. Result: a costly renovation but not more privacy for patients. While the solution is actually simple.

Products that provide acoustic insulation

Saendelft Health Centre provides acoustic insulation for consulting rooms. There are products which provide sufficient acoustic insulation and can be installed in new and existing partition walls quite easily. A good example is the Saendelft Health Centre in Assendelft. At this new doctor's surgery, Rewall insulation from Isolgomma was installed in the existing walls of the consulting rooms. This significantly improved the acoustic insulation and patient privacy is now guaranteed.

Prefabricated panel

Rewall is a sustainable prefabricated panel made from a combination of polyester fibres, rubber and plasterboard. The panels can be used on lightweight walls or existing walls and ceilings. They are easy to install and have a high acoustic insulation value. A report prepared beforehand guarantees that installing Rewall insulation will provide the soundproofing that you need.

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