“Teamwork and sharing knowledge brings us to the future” Jamie de Boer about us working together with platform ‘Duurzaam Gebouwd’

19-06-2017 Imbema SMT (NL)

Jamie de Boer

As an integrated platform for sustainable construction and real estate, ‘Duurzaam Gebouwd’ brings organisations in the construction and real estate sector together with the objective: teamwork, expertise and network sharing and the collective development of new sustainable solutions. Imbema is a partner of this platform. We believe it is important to share our expertiseand to inspire other companies – including potential customers – and at the same time to discover what is happening in the market. It helps us focus on innovation.

Through the platform, Imbema can actually sit round the table with construction companies and real estate organisations. We share our questions and ideas and talk about connecting themes and new applications. Imbema’s strength lies in the organisation’s broad expertise across different markets and the ability to connect the insights and expertise of other parts of the Imbema Group. This way the knowledge and expertise in the area of sustainability finds its way to theconstruction industry. It makes us a valuable conversation partner.

'Nowadays, sustainability in the Netherlands is increasingly incorporated in the business model of companies. Not only is it an investment in the future, the environment and employee health, it also pays off. Companies are much more concerned about the long term and what a sustainable, integrated business approach can bring.'

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