Sustainable and reliable solutions

How we solve problems with our products

However complex the problem may be, we always offer our customers the most reliable and sustainable solution. You can read what this means in practice in this selection of solutions that we have developed together with our customers.

40 million satisfied women due to smart solution

Comfortabele beugel

Working in partnership with the Belgian lingerie producer of the Marie Jo, Marie Jo L’Aventure, PrimaDonna, PrimaDonna Twist and Andres Sarda brands we have developed a special underwire.

Thermoforming allows every imaginable shape to be produced using plastic foam.

Thermoforming cockpit afdekking

Thermoforming or press moulding is a special process that allows different products with a wide range of properties to be produced from plastic foam through the application of heat and pressure.

SIREX® PE foam helps protect search and rescue helicopters against corrosion

NH90 SAR helikopter

In order to ensure that people who are rescued from drowning can be transported safely and to stop seawater from getting into the helicopter, we developed a drip pan made of SIREX® PE foam.

SIREX® foam sets applied in dialysis syetems

Test dialyse apparaat

Imbema SMT B.V. supplies for decades high quality SIREX® foam sets made of PE and PU for the acoustic and thermal insulation of FMC dialysis equipment.

Calculate previously the acoustic insulation value of total floor construction

Herengracht 132 Amsterdam

Practical experience shows that neighbours, despite that the applied insulation meets all the requirements, still experience noise disturbance.

SIREX AS acoustic insulation

SIREX AS schuim

If the machine can’t be replaced by a silent-running model or if people are unable to avoid the source of the noise there’s still a reliable solution available – insulate the noise produced by the machine.

Quality covering for swimming pools

High quality materials that protect the sides and underside of your pool liner as well as providing thermal insulation.

Isolgomma Sylwood acoustic floor insulation

Insulation of wooden floors

If the sound of furniture being moved or the sound of a game of marbles transmits to the neighbours via the floor then Sylwood is the solution.

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