PavePad® paving supports make it a lot easier to lay tiles, slabs and decking

The PavePad® paving support is a system of round shims that come in different heights


Laying hardwood decking or beautiful tiles or slabs on a balcony or roof terrace appears easier than it is. Balconies and roofs often lie on a gradient so that rainwater can flow away down the drain, which makes levelling decking, tiles or slabs a difficult task. The finish is another challenge. But with our PavePad® system, those problems are a thing of the past.

Time-consuming task

Tiles, slabs and decking are laid in such a way that rainwater can flow away underneath. This is done using pads. With many common systems, the different pads/shims are adjusted at a height using a screw thread system to get them level, which is a time-consuming job. This is why the experts from Imbema SMT have come up with PavePad® paving supports.

In a quarter, half or three-quarter part

PavePad suppors for terracesThe PavePad® paving support is a system of round shims that come in different heights. The shims fit seamlessly inside each other and can be laid on any slanting roof or balcony. A smart system ensures that the shims click inside each other properly, preventing them from simply moving around. Another clever thing about this shim is that it is formed of four parts, so a quarter, half or three-quarter part can be broken off any shim, as you require. This prevents part of the paving support from sticking out from underneath the corner of a tile or slab, thereby producing an attractive finish. It also saves materials and prevents construction waste!


The PavePad® system also takes your downstairs neighbours into account. The range includes special shims that dampen walking sound, and these can easily be placed between the shims.

Sustainable with a long life

PavePad® paving supports are made of polyethylene (PE) and this offers many benefits. For example, PE doesn’t age, it can’t crack, rip or crumble (you can screw into it), and it can’t be damaged by frost. PE is also 100% recyclable. Sustainable with a long life.

If you want to know more, please visit the PavePad® website. You can also call our experts on: +31 23 517 2424, or use the online contact form.

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