SIREX AS acoustic insulation

Open-cell PU foam offers many advantages

When the noise level of machines and equipment is so high that employees have to be protected, the employer is obliged to adopt an occupational hygiene strategy. If the machine can’t be replaced by a silent-running model or if people are unable to avoid the source of the noise there’s still a reliable solution available – insulate the noise produced by the machine.

Sound is insulated by absorbing the noise, for which a porous material is used that absorbs the vibration energy of the noise and converts it into imperceptible heat. The machine is fitted with a noise-absorbing enclosure which incorporates this porous material.

SIREX AS schuimThe SIREX AS absorption materials are made from open-cell PU foam (polyurethane foam). An optional smooth, sealed PU foam coating protects the material against penetration by harmful vapours and liquids, such as oil and chemicals. The foam is also flame-retardant. All in all, this offers the following benefits:

• excellent sound-proofing values
• flexible and easy to process
• can also be used in environments containing hazardous and flammable materials
• sustainable
• non-poisonous

The SIREX AS self-adhesive sheets are available in a variety of thicknesses and comply with a range of standards. Wide scope of use, including:

• cars, busses, trucks
• shipping and pleasure craft
• aviation
• machine and equipment building 

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