SIREX STAR Therapy mats

Developed to meet the extra requirements for medical use

When materials are used for medical purposes, such as physiotherapy, extra requirements are often specified for them. A therapy mat or a fitness mat therefore has to be lightweight, shock-absorbent, easy to roll up or fold, easy to disinfect and durable. Apart from the mat having to have anti-slip properties, the material also has to be skin-friendly and preferably provide insulation against a cold floor. Of course, the mat also has to comply with the European Directive on Medical Devices. Combining these properties is not a simple task.

To still be able to provide a solution for therapists and patients we have deployed our knowledge of plastic foams and worked alongside therapists to develop a new generation of therapy mats.

The SIREX® STAR fitness mats are made from the highest quality copolymer foam and combine the most optimum properties and all requirements set by therapists and patients, namely:

  • Easy to clean
  • Dirt and bacteria absorption impossible due to closed cell structure
  • Free from harmful substances
  • Excellent insulation against cold floors
  • Soft but still shock-absorbent
  • Substantial and durable
  • Anti-slip
  • CE-mark as a guarantee of compliance with the EU regulations for health & safety and the environment

STAR Therapy Mats from our own high-quality SIREX® brand range are available in a variety of designs. In addition to therapeutic purposes, these mats are also often used as sports mats at sports centres (fitness centres and gyms).

More information? Take a look in our on online catalogue. You can also call us (T: +31 23 517 2424) or send us your questions via our contact page.

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