SIREX Summit+-Hybrid camping mat

A combination of the best of different technologies

If there’s one nation that really understands camping it has to be the Netherlands. That’s why, as a Dutch company, we understand campers better than anyone. In the past campers didn’t set particularly high requirements for their camping products because in those days camping was about discomfort. But times change and consumers now want products that offer comfort and which are durable and reliable. With the development of the SIREX® Summit+-Hybrid camping mat our specialists have given campers what they now want – the best of an air bed and camping mat combined in a single product.

SIREX Summit+-Hybrid slpaamat

Air beds or self-inflatables are still used extensively. They are comfortable but are often heavy and not always easy to take with you. The big disadvantage is the risk of leaks or losing the stopper and that wouldn’t be the best start to a holiday! Classic camping mats made from PE foam (not to be confused with foam rubber) are considerably lighter in weight and easier to take with you. They don’t need to be inflated, they can’t leak and they last much longer than air beds and self-inflatables. Camping mats made from PE foam are however less comfortable. Our Summit+-Hybrid therefore combines the best of both of these products.

"Hybrid" stands for a combination of different technologies. The Summit+-Hybrid camping mat and expedition mat is a 3 cm thick combination of PE and PU foam technologies. With an ultra-low weight of just 940 g and dimensions of 54 x 20 cm when rolled up, this mat is very easy to carry. And foam can’t leak! We also guarantee 10% better insulation compared to a self-inflatable mat of the same thickness. The extra dirt-repellent top layer keeps this mat clean. So, whether it’s a weekend away on the camping, a trek through the outback, in the sweltering heat of the tropics or on an ice-cold, snow-capped mountain, the Summit+-Hybrid will provide you with optimum comfort under all conditions.

When developing this mat we also considered the environment. The materials used are therefore harmless to man and to the environment. The combination of materials also creates an indestructible result, which means that, in addition to being the most comfortable mat, the Summit+-Hybrid is also the most durable mat of its kind – a mat that will last you a lifetime!

With SIREX® mats you are guaranteed a top-quality Dutch product. If you would like to discover more about our camping mats please take a look at the Camping/Outdoor mats page on our website or send us your questions via our contact page.

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