Thermoforming allows every imaginable shape to be produced using plastic foam.

Durable and sustainable lightweight solutions

Thermoforming or press moulding is a special process that allows different products with a wide range of properties to be produced from plastic foam through the application of heat and pressure. With our knowhow and by using the best materials we can offer a reliable and durable solution for every problem.

Thermoforming cockpit afdekkingFor two Dutch manufacturers of advanced recumbent bicycles we have developed a solution for covering the cockpit. By using the thermoforming technique we formed the cover into an aerodynamic shape. A special combination of plastic foam and textile made the cover lightweight and extremely durable.

We also produce personal protective equipment, such a knee pads to insert into work trousers, parts for bullet-proof vests and parts for the automotive and aviation industries. In the field of sports products we are leading with our special canoe seats, swimming pool products, sports mats and yoga mats. In the medical world our SIREX thermoformed exercise mats with special ‘+’ technology are used by physiotherapists. We also provide sustainable solutions for the packing industry with, for example, special cool bags and carry bags for laptops, electronics and sensitive measuring equipment.

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